Friday, February 25, 2011

‎2.1.7 The track and the boundary marker line are considered in bounds.

Simple, yet sometimes misunderstood. If a skater has a wheel on the track boundary, then she is still considered in bounds. It isn’t until the wheel, or any part of the skate, is touching outside of the track and boundary that she is considered straddling or out of bounds. This is the same logic to be applied to being “on the line.” Pivots behind or touching the line are still in position, while Pivots touching beyond the line may be subject to false start penalties. The same goes for Jammers and the Jammer line.

A situation where this particular rule can be pivotal is when judging Cutting The Track. Cutting penalties are only applied once the skater has returned to an “in bounds, upright and skating position.” Since the track boundary is considered in bounds, if a skater reenters the track and betters their position in front of one or more skaters, and part of their skate is on the track boundary, but no part is outside the track boundary, they are to be penalized for Cutting.