Tuesday, February 1, 2011

‎ At the conclusion of the timeout, the Referees will direct the skaters to return to the track and start the next jam as soon as possible. The next jam can start as soon as skaters are lined up, but no more than 30 seconds should elapse after a timeout (with the exception in .

At the end of a timeout, be it official or team, the way to notify skaters to return to the track is with a long rolling/swooping whistler, per the WFTDA Standardized Officiating Practices. Once the skaters have been signaled to return to the track, signifying the end of the timeout, no more than 30 seconds may elapse before the next jam begins.

Refs need to get back into position as quickly as possible and appear ready for the start of the next jam so the head ref can see they are good to go. Skaters need to get back on the track and be in position for the next jam to start. Just like in between jams without timeouts, if skaters are not in position after a timeout, they may be subject to false start penalties, or may not be able to skate in the next jam if they didn’t make it onto the track in time.