Monday, February 21, 2011

‎ If the officials call a time out during a jam in progress, the jam will end and a new jam will be run if there is time remaining on the official period clock (see Section 2.3.4 and

If a referee calls an Official Timeout during a jam, the jam will end. However, referees better have a damn good reason for calling off a jam for an official timeout though. The best and most acceptable reason for doing so is safety. If there is debris or liquid on the track that can‘t be removed before skaters get to it, a timeout should be called. If a referee or NSO gets injured then a timeout is acceptable. Even if there is a fight in the audience and the referees (preferably the head referee) deem it a disturbance to the game, then a timeout may be called. Discretion should be used by the referees to not disturb the flow of the game by calling Official Timeouts mid-jam.