Sunday, February 6, 2011

‎6.3.11 A downed skater re-entering the track that causes an opposing skater to fall or lose relative position

This is a Low Block major. When the Cutting The Track rules were rewritten, the penalization of a skater for any part of their body reentering the track was removed and replaced with the requirement that skaters guilty of cutting be in bounds, upright and skating. That way when skaters were sliding across the inside of the track and were unable to stop before reentering, they wouldn't be penalized since reentering in front of others while down is not really a bettering of position. However, the rules were written to require reentering, downed skaters to be just as responsible for not being an obstacle as skaters who go down on the track. 6.3.5 is the minor of this penalty and this is the major one.