Thursday, February 17, 2011

‎ Referees do not warn teams when too many skaters line up on the track.

Prior to the start of a jam it is the responsibility of skaters to make sure there is not too many from your team on the track. As a skater you should be checking the penalty box or listening to your bench coach as you line up for the next jam. In a lot of cases, it seems, the penalty box is between the benches on the straightaway between turns 1 and 4, so checking the box as you line up should be incredibly simple. Thanks to this rule, referees will not warn teams when there are too many skaters on the track prior to jam starts. What refs will do is penalize skaters after the jam starts. If extra skaters are caught quickly and sent back to their bench, only a minor will be given. If extra skaters are not caught and the jam is stopped because of it, a major will be given as well.