Wednesday, March 2, 2011

‎ Jammers do not need to pass Blockers ahead of the legal Engagement Zone in order to become Lead Jammer.

This rule is why it is important for pack refs to communicate in/out of play status to the jam refs during the initial pass for skaters ahead of the pack. If a Jammer has broken the pack but there is still an in-play Blocker ahead of the pack, the Jammer is not yet lead, since the rules require her to pass the foremost in-play blocker. However, if that in-play Blocker doesn’t watch her position on the track, and ends up exiting the engagement zone, as soon as she is out of play, the Jammer has become Lead Jammer.

For referees, especially front of pack referees, make sure that during the initial pass that attention is paid to Blockers ahead of the pack and that if they go out of play that the jam ref knows immediately.

For skaters, if you are ahead of the pack during the Jammers’ initial pass, you will want to watch your position or else you can inadvertently hand over Lead Jammer to your opponent rather make an expected block. Also, once you’re out of play you are liable to receive penalties.