Sunday, March 20, 2011

‎ Jammer Referees wear an identifier (wrist band, sash, helmet cover, etc.) corresponding to team colors to indicate the team for which the referee is responsible.

While the rules allow for Jammer Referees to wear any sort of identifier, Appendix A: Officiating Standardized Practices says otherwise. From Appendix A:

How should jammer referees designate which jammer is assigned to a specific referee?

Color coded arm- or wristbands will be worn by jammer referees to designate which team they are currently assigned to.

Teams are responsible for maintaining their own appropriately colored set of bands and providing them to the referee crew for each bout.

Jammer Referee helmet covers may optionally also be worn, but not to the exclusion of wrist- or armbands.

Since Appendix A, as with all Appendices, is considered as Official as the rules themselves, wrist- or armbands must be worn by all Jammer Referees. Helmet covers are not an accepted substitute.