Friday, April 22, 2011

2.4.5 The jam is over when an official calls it off with four short whistle blasts. The jam ends on the fourth whistle, whether or not the whistle were inadvertent or incorrect.

This rule says it all. This is why, unfortunately, when a non-jam ref calls off a jam when they aren’t supposed to (i.e., they see a Jammer trying to call off a jam), the jam is over. Even though it was a mistake, once the 4th whistle of a jam ending signal has blown, the jam is over.

Also, since the jam doesn’t end until the 4th whistle, points are scored up until then, and penalties may be given until then as well. If a Lead Jammer goes out of bounds and calls off the jam, they may get a Cutting The Track penalty if they reenter the track in front of one or more skaters before the 4th whistle has blown.