Monday, April 18, 2011

4.2.3 Non-Pivot Blocker Starting Positions: Blockers line up behind the Pivots as demarked by the hips. If a Pivot is not upright and on the Pivot line, non-Pivot Blockers are not required to line up behind that Pivot.

It has become widely understood that when a Pivot is on the line (meaning touching the Pivot line) at the start of the jam, all non-Pivot Blockers must line up behind them. This rule does not differentiate between opponents and teammates, so Blockers must even line up behind their teammate Pivot's hips. What this rule does explain is that non-Pivot Blockers must line up behind Pivots on the line. Pivots are not required to line up behind each other. Therefore, if one Pivot is on the line, the other Pivot may be in front of their hips.

Something that seems to confuse people, and that isn't a part of this rule, or any other rule in the WFTDA rules, is a requirement for Pivots to skate forward first before anyone else is allowed to. Except for false starting skaters who must yield, at the jam-starting whistle all Blockers may skate forward without waiting for anyone else to move.