Tuesday, April 12, 2011 The Jammer will also be awarded points for Blockers on the track and ahead of the Engagement Zone if said Blockers were not previously scored on during that scoring pass.

This rule seems intended to punish skaters who don’t remain in the Engagement Zone and chase the Jammer out of play. As it says, at the end of a jam, skaters that are ahead of the Engagement Zone, who have not already been scored on in that scoring pass, become free points for the opposing Jammer. I say free points, because the Jammer doesn’t have to pass them to score them, nor does the Jammer need to score a point in that scoring pass to score them, as is required for Not On The Track points. That’s why I speculate this rule is a punishment. More accurately, it seems to act as an incentive for Blockers to remain in play, but what punishment isn’t an incentive to not break the rules?

Jam referees must remember this rule and make sure to check the front of the pack for out of play skaters at the end of every jam. Take note, however, that these points are for skaters ahead of the Engagement Zone, not just out of play. So if there is no pack at the end of the jam, there is no Engagement Zone, so no points are scored for this rule. If the Jammer, and thus the Jammer Referee, are at the back of the pack, and it can’t be determined if skaters towards the front are in the Engagement Zone or not, the front inside pack ref should be consulted to make sure points are not missed.