Monday, May 16, 2011 Only skaters who are in play (as defined in Section 4.3.2) may skate in front of an opposing skater to impede her movement on the track (a.k.a. Passive, Positional, Frontal, or Body Blocking). Positional blocking need not include contact.

Positional Blocking, the act of a skater positioning herself in front of an opponent to impede or block the opposing skater, has been covered here before. It was explained, when 5.1.1 was the Rule of the Day, that Positional Blocking is held to the same standards as contact blocking. Today's rule is a reminder if that, as it clearly says that positional blocks must be made in play, just as with contact blocks. Any positional block made while out of play will earn the blocking skater an Out Of Play penalty.