Tuesday, May 17, 2011

‎ Only players who are stepping and/or skating in the counter-clockwise direction may execute a block. It is illegal to block while at a standstill and while moving in the clockwise direction—this includes positional blocking.

This rule explains the Direction of Gameplay section. Roller derby is played in a counterclockwise direction and while moving. Block may not be made while at a standstill or in a clockwise position. Section 6.9, Direction of Gameplay, goes into greater detail about what constitutes a clockwise direction. Today's rule makes it clear that even a Positional Block, a block made without contact by a skater positioning herself in front of an opponent, must be made in the normal counterclockwise direction of play. Any positional blocks made while moving in a clockwise direction, or while stopped, will result in the blocking skater receiving a Direction of Gameplay penalty.