Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ghost points is the term used in WFTDA StatsBook used to track points earned for skaters the Jammer didn't actually pass.

Today's rule is not an actual rule from the WFTDA rule book. Instead it deals with multiple scoring rules, all which fall under the term "ghost points." Ghost points is a designation for points tracked on the WFTDA StatsBook scoring sheet. The StatsBook is the official WFTDA stats tracking package used for WFTDA sanctioned bouts and tournaments, and has also become the standard for most non-WFTDA leagues. The scoring sheet included in the StatsBook has several boxes in which the scorekeeper may track what are called ghost points. As such, the term has become mainstream and is used commonly in rules discussions, including many on this page. To help clear up many questions that have been posted regarding ghost points, I felt it a good idea to explain the mystery behind ghost points. There are several ways to earn these points.

The most common are Not On The Track points, which are section 8.5 of the rules. These were covered about a couple weeks ago on this page. You can find the archived Rules of the Day at:

There are most subrules of 8.5 that haven't been covered so it is a good idea to read the whole section.

The next common type of ghost point is the Jammer Lap Point, has not been covered here yet. The rule for that is:

8.6.6 Jammer Lap Point: If one Jammer completely laps the opposing Jammer, she will score one (1) point each time she fully laps her.

A Jammer Lap Point is earned anytime a Jammer completely laps (skates an extra lap past) the opposing Jammer, even if she has not scored any other points.

Another type of ghost point is points awarded for out of play skater ahead of the engagement zone when the jam ends. The archive link for that is:

The same rule is also covered in 8.6.7.

The last type of ghost point, and one often missed, doesn't even exist Scoring section 8, but rather is included under Penalty Enforcement section 7. It is: A skater may re-enter the track in front of opposing skaters who are out of play. If a Jammer is eligible to score (having completed her initial pass prior to being sent to the penalty box), she will immediately earn points for passing out-of-play Blockers that are behind her upon re-entry.

These are all the types of ghost points in the rules. However, while these rules exist, the term "ghost points" does not exist at all in the rules, and is not an Official term.