Thursday, June 2, 2011

1.2 At most, fourteen skaters may be on the roster for a specific game. Leagues may rotate their game roster from their team roster between games.

Rule 1.1 explains that teams shall consist of twenty skaters, and today’s rule explains that individual game rosters may consist of up to fourteen skaters. Rule 1.1 is in regards to WFTDA charters, a requirement for WFTDA member leagues, and only for sanctioned bouts (which are bouts between the all-star/charter teams from two WFTDA member leagues). Rule 1.2, however, does apply to everyone else, and limits the number of skaters allowed to play in each game that is played by the WFTDA rules. There is really no rule that says when the fourteen skaters must be decided on, and in fact, up until the start of the first jam there needs to be no set game roster. This does, of course, make it very difficult for score and penalty sheets, and all stats sheets, and the like. Each game should have in the game contract when the final roster needs to be set for the purposes of keeping things simple. A common contract agreement is to have fourteen skaters on the roster and two alternates, which can be switched out with a rostered skater up the start of the game in case of any unforeseen situation.