Wednesday, June 8, 2011

‎6.4.2 When engaging another skater, elbows may not be swung with upward or downward motion.

Like yesterday's rule, today's rule describes an illegal Use of Elbows action. This particular action is most commonly known as the "chicken wing" since the up and down motion with a bent elbow looks like a wing flapping. Often this type of action happens when an initiator disengages from a receiver and their elbow moves upwards as they push away from the other skater. Regardless of the circumstance, if a skater's arm moves in an upward or downward motion and the elbow makes contact with the receiving skater, and forces the receiver to adjust her skating stance or relative position, then the initiating skater will receive a Use of Elbows penalty, major or minor based on impact per section 6.4.