Friday, June 10, 2011

6.4.4 Contact may not be made exclusively with the point of the elbow (i.e. jabbing).

Today’s rule, also in the Use of Elbows section, is an important one that should definitely not be overlooked. While there are all kinds of rules that explain how elbows may not be used to block, this rule explains exactly what constitutes using the elbow. To clarify, if a skater is making a block with her upper arm, and the elbow makes contact during the block, this is still considered legal. The point of this rule is to prevent using just the elbow for block, such as the included explanation, jabbing. So, if a skater makes a block with her upper arm and the whole of the upper arm, including the elbow, pushes the skater, then it is a legal block. However, if the skater “rolls off” the receiver, and the point of the elbow is what pushes the receiving skater, then the action is an illegal Use of Elbows, and will be penalized, minor or major, based on impact, per section 6.4.