Friday, July 15, 2011

10.1.1 Protective gear must be worn while skating in a jam, including to and from the penalty box. Failure to wear required protective gear or removal of protective gear, such as a mouth guard, will result in a penalty (see Section 6.13.27 and Section 7.3.6).

Safety first! All required protective gear must be worn while a skater is, effectively, a possible target. When skating in a jam, a skater may be hit. When sitting in the penalty box, she may be released and then be hit (once she reenters the track). When she is skating to and from the penalty box she is in danger of being hit by accident, when she may not even expect it. When skaters are at their bench the chance of being hit is a lot lower, much like sitting in the front row of suicide seats, and fans aren't required to wear protective gear.

This rule references two other rules. 6.13.27 is an Illegal Procedure major for removing required protective gear, and 7.3.6 allows a skater to remove their mouthguard only when seated in the penalty box.