Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10.1.3 Optional protective gear such as padded shorts, chin guards, form fitting face shields such as nose guards, shin guards, knee or ankle support, turtle shell bras, and tailbone protectors may be worn at the skater’s discretion as long as they do not impair or interfere with the safety or play of other skaters, support staff, or officials.

Continuing this week's theme of protective equipment, today's rule explains what gear may be worn optionally. Padded shorts have been around for a long time, and shin guard are increasingly being worn. Knee and ankle supports are worn by many skaters with previous injuries, and are ok so long as they don't interfere with the safety of the wearer or other skaters. I have seen a chin guard worn once and also a form fitting nose guard. I have yet to personally see a turtle shell bra worn by a skater, but then again it's possible I have seen it and just didn't know.