Friday, July 29, 2011

‎3 Players Player positions refer to the position a skater is playing in a given jam. A skater is not limited in the number of positions she may play during a bout, but is limited to playing one designated position at a time. A maximum of four Blockers and one Jammer from each team are allowed on the track during play; only one of the Blockers may be a Pivot Blocker … (cont)

It is common knowledge that a team may field four Blockers and a Pivot in each jam, but I have heard some question exactly where in the rules it says that. Today’s rule is where. This rule also explains that only one of the Blockers in the jam may be a Pivot Blocker, and that only one of the skaters from each team may be a Jammer. This rule is what makes it possible to penalize a team for too many skaters on the track (6.13.6 and 6.13.17) or for an extra Pivot on the track (6.13.7).