Tuesday, July 12, 2011

‎ When the initiating skater goes out of bounds at any time after the initiating block.

As explained Sunday (http://www.rollerderbyrule​oftheday.com/2011/07/6111-​re-entering-behind-initiat​or-of.html), after a skater has blocked out an opponent the receiver must enter behind the initiator, except in four specific situations. Today's rule is the second exception.

After the initiator has blocked out the receiver, if the initiator touches any part of themselves out of bounds, then receiver may reenter the track in front of the initiator. It is important to note that the rule says nothing about the receiver having to return behind the initiator if the initiator returned to the track before the receiver. There is no such rule. Even if the initiator returns to the track before the receiver, the receiver may reenter the track in front of the initiator simply because the initiator went out of bounds after the initiating block.

Something that is very important to note is that, if the receiver who is reentering in front of the initiator is a Jammer, the act of them passing the initiator and not receiving a penalty for it is what is called a "No Pass/No Penalty". What this means is that there was no penalty committed, thanks to the Cutting exception, but the pass did not count as a legal pass, which would not count as a point or as a pass for Lead Jammer eligibility. If the Jammer had not already passed the initiator legally, and they didn't repass them after the No Pass/No Penalty, then they would lose Lead Jammer eligibility if it was their initial pass, and lose that Blocker point if it was a scoring pass.