Friday, July 8, 2011

6.8.1 Skaters must be in bounds when initiating a block.

This is the first rule in the Out Of Bounds Blocking section. Roller derby is played on the track in bounds, not off the track out of bounds. Therefore, blocks must be made while in bounds. As a reminder, the rules define in bounds thusly:

In Bounds - A skater is in bounds as long as all parts of the skater’s body and equipment that are in contact with the ground are within or on the track boundary. If a skater jumps, and ceases all contact with the ground her prior in bounds/out of bounds status is maintained until contact with the ground re-establishes in bounds/out of bounds status. In bounds skaters are not necessarily in play.

If a block is made while out of bounds, the initiator of the block will receive an Out Of Bounds Blocking penalty, based on impact.