Thursday, August 11, 2011

‎2.1.1 For regulation inter-league games, the track shall be based on the specifications in Appendix B - WFTDA Track Design. The method of marking dimensions (tape, rope, etc), including suggested ten (10) foot marks, are subject to the restrictions of the venue; however, the track must be the standardized dimensions.

For interleague games to be considered regulation, the track must meet the specs in Appendix B, but also follow all the other rules in Section 2.1. Appendix B explains, step by step, how to lay a regulation size track, including inside and outside track boundaries, and suggested 10 foot marks. What Appendix B doesn’t include is the 10 foot safety clearance:

2.1.5 There will be a ten (10) foot clearance around the outside of the track for safety. If there is a rail, wall, or barrier between the track and the crowd that completely prevents contact between spectators and contestants, a five (5) foot clearance is permissible. Referees may skate in this area, and/or the infield of the track. The clearance cannot be less than five (5) feet.

If a venue restricts the size of the 10 foot clearance, without allowing for a smaller clearance per 2.1.5, then as long as the track is the same size play should be just fine. However, a bout will not be considered regulation or sanctioned without a properly sized track with properly sized safety clearance.