Wednesday, August 17, 2011 The track must clearly demarcate the Pivot and Jammer start lines. These lines must be consistent in color throughout the length and width of the line and must be at least one (1) inch and no greater than three (3) inches in width. Sponsor logos are permitted on the Pivot and Jammer Lines as long as the logo does not interfere with the contrast of the line to the skating surface.

Just like the track boundaries, today’s rules explains that the minimum and maximum widths of the Pivot and Jammer lines are 1 and 3 inches. Similarly, they, too, must be consistent in width for the length of the line. This rule also includes a requirement for the Pivot and Jammer lines to be clearly contrasted to the skating surface, even if they have sponsor logos on them. I have personally never seen a sponsor logo on a Pivot or Jammer line, but I can imagine how they may make the Pivot or Jammer lines difficult to see on the track surface if they aren’t high contrast.