Monday, August 29, 2011

2.2.3 Two or more games may be combined in a single “double-header” event. Games can either be staggered by periods or played in full, one at a time depending upon the agreement between teams involved.

Like Friday’s rule, today’s rule, while not the most exciting rule, explains how games may be played in multi-bout events. This rule calls it a “double-header” but that would be what a multi-bout event is called if two games are played. It is common for leagues to call a multi-bout event of 3 or more games a “tournament”. While this is ok, in practice, being that these are the WFTDA rules, these events are considered multi-bout events by the rules. The official tournaments are the “Big 5” Regional tournaments and WFTDA Championships.

Another facet of this rule is that it allows periods of games to be staggered, meaning the first period of the first game is played, followed by the first period of the second game, then the second periods of the first and then second games. This is a practice I have never personally experienced, nor heard of happening.