Tuesday, August 2, 2011

‎3.5.1 The star may be transferred by either Jammer while in the Engagement Zone. Jammers and pivots must be within the Engagement Zone play to pass the star.

The first rule of Star Passes is that the Jammer and Pivot must both be in the Engagement Zone for the pass to be legal. That being said, there has been discussion in the past over whether this rule mean the entire Star Pass procedure (Jammer removing helmet cover, passing to Pivot, Pivot putting it on her head) must happen within the Engagement Zone or just the actual transfer of the helmet cover. Luckily, the WFTDA released a Q&A Entry that covers this exact question.


According to the WFTDA only the actual transfer of the helmet cover must happen while in the Engagement Zone. The Q&A says that the Pivot may put on the helmet cover outside of the Engagement Zone but is still able to receive Out Of Play penalties until she has become the Jammer. This also means a Pivot may put on the Jammer helmet cover while out of bounds. The requirement for only the transfer to happen while in the Engagement Zone means that if the Jammer hands the helmet cover directly to the Pivot then it must happen in the EZ, but if the transfer is a result of the Pivot picking up the helmet cover from the floor, she must do so while in the EZ. If the Jammer drops her helmet cover out of bounds, the Pivot may not pick it up from there and put it on her helmet, as out of bounds is not in the Engagement Zone.