Thursday, August 4, 2011

‎3.5.4 Pass Procedure In order to transfer the Jammer position to the Pivot, a Jammer must remove her helmet cover and hand it to her team’s Pivot. The helmet cover may not be handed off via other skaters or thrown. The helmet cover may not be taken off the Jammer’s head by the Pivot or another skater. A Jammer who has removed her helmet cover has forfeited:

Today’s rule explains the basics of how a Star Pass is supposed to happen. The basic procedure is that the Jammer must remove her helmet cover herself, then hand it directly to the Pivot, and then Pivot puts the helmet cover on her helmet. The rule explains that the Jammer helmet may not be removed by anyone other than the Jammer herself. If it is, that would be a violation of the Star Pass procedure, and be penalized per 6.13.20, if it was removed by an teammate. It the helmet cover was removed by an opponent they will penalized for a High Block per 6.2.3 or possibly be expelled for a High Block per 6.2.5 or 6.2.6. The rule goes on to explain that the helmet cover must be handed directly to the Pivot. This is only partially true. Certainly, one of the legal ways to transfer the helmet cover is for the Jammer to hand it right to the Pivot. However, the rules say that the Pivot may recover a dropped helmet cover, thus making that another legal way for the helmet cover to be transferred. The more important part of this rule is that the helmet cover may not be thrown to the Pivot, or passed to her by other players. If the helmet cover were thrown to the Pivot, or a teammate were to hand the helmet cover to the Pivot, that would also be a violation of the Star Pass procedure.

Finally, the rule explains that when a Jammer removes her helmet cover, she forfeits: Her ability to accrue points, unless she returns the helmet cover to her head with visible stars. Her Lead Jammer status.

As always, a Jammer with her helmet cover off is considered inactive, and thus may not score points or be Lead Jammer.