Friday, August 19, 2011

6.11.2 Skaters straddling the track boundary line Skaters are straddling the track boundary line when they are simultaneously touching both inside and outside the track boundary line. Straddling skaters are subject to cutting the track penalties when they are in bounds, upright and skating. The boundary line is considered in bounds. … (cont.)

The rest of the rule reads:

… Airborne skaters are not considered straddling skaters. (See Section 6.8.9 for the in bounds/out of bounds status of airborne skaters.)

Straddling was something in the rules, but not specifically defined until Version 4.0 of the WFTDA rule set. 4.0 added this rule to make it clear that straddling skaters may be guilty of Cutting the Track. Further, this rule makes the distinction between straddling skaters and airborne skaters. Airborne skaters are covered in the Out Of Bounds Blocking section, as they are not considered straddling skaters, per today’s rule. Several other subrules to the Cutting the Track section were also added along with this rule to cover CTT penalties for straddling skaters.