Sunday, August 21, 2011

6.11.3 A skater who has re-entered the track in front of a downed, out of bounds, or out-of-play skater is not bettering her position. However, such skaters are subject to cutting the track penalties for other in-play skaters and are still subject to skating out of bounds penalties.

Today’s rule explains that only in bounds skaters that are not down or out of play may be cut. That is, returning to the track in front of a down, out of bounds, or out of play skater is not considered Cutting the Track. This rule covers the situation that, in my experience, many skaters when receiving a Cutting the Track penalty. Most often the response I hear is “but she went down” or “she went out of bounds”. I always want to respond with “true she did, but the other 2 or 3 skaters you cut didn’t” (of course, as a ref, I don’t). As well, where the rule says that skaters are still subject to skating out of bounds penalties, if a skater skates out of bounds to avoid a fallen skater, they will not receive a penalty per 6.12.4.