Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6.11.5 A skater straddling the track boundary line who then completely exits the track, regardless of which, or how many, skaters she has passed while straddling.

Continuing with the No Impact/No Penalty rules from the Cutting the Track section, today’s rule explain how to avoid a CTT penalty while straddling. According to this rule, if a straddling skater (a skater touching both inside and outside the track boundary simultaneously) passes any number of in bounds skaters and then ceases all in bounds contact, thus going completely out of bounds, they will not get a Cutting the Track penalty. People have asked how to avoid getting a CTT penalty while straddling, and this is one of the ways to do it.

It must be remembered, however, that unless a skater is blocked to a straddling position, or gets there as a result of a missed block, she will receive a Skating Out Of Bounds penalty as soon as she puts herself in a straddling position. This is because of the official WFTDA Rules Publication. Now, what also must be noted is that a skater gets a SOOB penalty when she puts herself into a straddling position or out of bounds. After that, if she cuts the track, that is a second action. So how the skater got to the straddling position is important, but what she does in regards to Cutting after that is a different action and must be looked at using different rules, such as today’s rule.