Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8.1 Only skaters wearing the designated Jammer’s star helmet cover with visible stars are eligible to accrue points.

Simple, yet complex. Yes, only a skater wearing the Jammer helmet cover is eligible to accrue points. However, just because a skater is wearing the Jammer helmet cover does not necessarily mean she is the Jammer, not is she legally allowed to be wearing it. If two skaters from one team start a jam with Jammer helmet covers on, they don’t both get to score points. Similarly, if a Jammer has passed her helmet cover to her Pivot, and then gets sent to the box before the Pivot has put on the helmet cover, the Pivot does not get to score points if she puts on the Jammer helmet cover with the Jammer in the penalty box.

This rule was included in version 2.1 of the WFTDA rules before the concept of an active or inactive Jammer was added. This rule made it clear that a Jammer must be wearing her helmet cover or else she would not score points for passing opponents.