Wednesday, September 21, 2011 Ten (10) foot track intervals are strongly encouraged. (See Appendix B - WFTDA Track Design.)

Today's rule is an interesting one. Appendix B explains that 10 foot track intervals are to be marked along the full width of the track. However, if you watched the WFTDA Eastern Region Playoffs this past weekend you would have seen 10 foot track intervals that were lines approximately 2 feet (give or take, hard to measure on a computer screen) long, about the middle of the track. This was done to combat the confusion that 10 foot marks are 10 feet apart. On re straightaways the 10 foot marks are 10 feet apart along the whole width of the track. However, if done correctly, on the arcs the 10 foot lines will be 7'-0.5" (NOT 7'-6") at the inside track boundary. That equates to almost 14'-6" at the outside track boundary. The actual 10 foot distance between marks is about 4'-6" from the inside track boundary. So to prevent inaccurate determinations of distance the full width 10 foot lines were replaced with short hash marks to represent the 10 foot marks at approximately 10 feet. Of course, putting down full width 10 foot marks is not a bad thing, so long as the skaters, and most importantly the refs, understand the inaccuracy of the 10 foot interval lines.