Sunday, September 4, 2011

2.3.3 The period ends when the last jam reaches its natural conclusion (see Section 2.4 - Jams). This may extend past the point when the period clock reaches zero (0:00).

Today's rule was added in version 3.1 of the WFTDA rules. Previously the period ended at the end of the period clock, thus 30 minutes was the longest a period was able to go. Now the period may be extended past the 30 minute mark if a jam is still in progress when the period clock ends. This was a very positive rule change since it allows the game to end naturally when a jam (a play in progress) ends, rather than just when the clock happens to run out. It allows for teams to strategically call a timeout with mere seconds left, and then rally to score a few points and win a game, even past the end of the period clock.