Thursday, September 22, 2011

‎3.3.1 Prior to the start of a jam, Jammers line up at the rear of the pack as specified in Section 4.2.4. The Jammer’s role is to score points for her team per the specifications in Section 8 - Scoring. A Jammer may pass her position to her team’s Pivot according to the specifications in Section 3.5 - Passing the Star.

This rule describes the Jammer. As it says, very simply, the Jammer scores points. Her ability to score points, her position, may be transferred to the Pivot by a Star Pass. The first part of the rule explains where the Jammers line up in relation to the pack, however, they are also bound by the pre-jam positioning rules, and their pre-jam positioning is not dependent on there being a pack. Further (to confuse more) although the Jammers lined up behind the Jammer line are considered behind the pack, Blockers lined up false starting in the same position are considered way ahead of the pack. It sounds odd, but it makes sense in the grand scheme of pre-jam positioning and false start rules.