Wednesday, October 19, 2011

‎2.4.4 If all skaters are not on the track and ready to start the next jam after the allotted time, the jam will start without the missing skater(s) and the team will skate short for that jam. If skaters are not in position on their start whistle they will be subject to false start penalties (see Section 6.13.5 and Section 6.13.16).

There's a couple key points to today's rule, both which have been covered here recently.

For starters, where the rule says "all skaters" it means the maximum allowed number of skaters per team according to Section 3, which is four Blockers and a Jammer. So if a jam starts and a team has three Blockers on the track, they skate that jam with only three Blockers, and the opposing Jammer will score for the fourth missing Blocker per 8.5.2.

The second point is "not in position". Skaters must be in position at their start whistle or they will receive a false start penalty. Per Section 4.2 and it's associated penalties in section 6.13.5, Blockers must be lined up between the Pivot and Jammer lines (with Pivots allowed on the Pivot line) and the Jammers must be on or behind the Jammer line.