Friday, October 7, 2011

‎3.6.1 A team’s helmet cover colors must meet the definition of high contrast beyond a reasonable doubt or the Head Referee shall request that the team use helmet covers that meet the definition. The Jammer and/or Pivot’s helmet cover colors are of high contrast if there is a large degree of visual difference between the star/stripe color and the base color of the cover such that the star/stripe color stands out from the base color.

A simple rule that doesn't usually affect anyone but the person on a team in charge of the helmet covers, today's rule requires a high degree of contrast on a team's helmet covers. What this means is that the colors used in the helmet covers stand out against each other. For example, high contrast would be a black stripe on a white helmet cover, or a white star on a black helmet cover. Low contrast would be a light gray stripe on a dark gray helmet cover, or a yellow star on an orange helmet cover. This rule exists to make sure stars and stripes are easily seen by referees, skaters, and fans. Low contrast colors make that difficult, thus high contrast colors are required.