Monday, October 31, 2011

‎3.7.1 Each member of a respective team participating in a bout must wear a uniform which clearly identifies her as a member of her team.

Today's rule is the first in the uniform section. What it specifies is that skaters must be clearly identified as members of their respective teams. Although many more uniform rules follow, none of them say that teammates must be wearing the same jersey, shirt, shorts, etc. The rules only require teammates to be clearly identifiable. This basically means players on each team must wear the same color uniform as their teammates, as that is a clear demarcation of team membership. Again, the "clearly" requirement prevents teams from wearing uniforms that may look too much alike as to prevent any skater's team being clearly identified. It is definitely preferable for teams skating in colored uniforms to all have the same shade of color uniform, however if the distinction between teams is clear then this rule has been satisfied. For example, if one team is wearing black and the other team pink, then a hot pink and a baby pink jersey would clearly both be the pink team's uniforms.