Thursday, October 27, 2011

‎ Below the mid-thigh

Today's rule is the third and final illegal target zone. The penalty section associated with this illegal target zone is 6.3 Low Blocking. Illegal contact to the back of the legs is covered under Low Blocking instead of Blocking to the Back, yesterday's rule. Something you may notice is that section 6.3 covers illegal contact made to this illegal target zone, and while the same area is also an illegal blocking zone, the Low Blocking section does not cover illegal contact made from that illegal blocking zone. However, due to lack of a penalty section that enumerates penalties for blocks initiated to a legal target zone with the illegal blocking zone below the mid-thigh, this same penalty section is used.

Something important to note is that the mid-thigh is above the knee, meaning an opponent's knee is an illegal target zone. So if a skater is sitting on the knee of an opponent to slow her down, she is making illegal contact to this illegal target zone. Skates are also considered part of this illegal target zone.