Monday, October 10, 2011

‎9.2.1 Assessing team readiness for each jam

Today's rule falls under 9.2 Duties in Section 9 - Officials. One of the duties of officials is to assess the team readiness for each jam. This means checking to see that the appropriate number of skaters are in the jam (max 4 Blockers and 1 Jammer per team), checking to see if any skaters are in the box, looking for skaters lined up out of position (false starts), watching to see if there will be a pack at jam start, and other such responsibilities. Generally these activities are conducted by the referees. At the jam start the referees assess penalties for teams that have failed to be ready for the jam, which means assessing Illegal Procedure penalties for too many skaters on the track, illegal engagement before the whistle, improper uniform or safety equipment, and false starts. All these penalties are given at the start of the jam, not before (except illegal engagement which is penalized at the time it happens). As well, as it says in, which I have previously covered, referees do not warn teams line up with too many skaters on the track, nor do they warn when skaters are lined up out of position, or doing anything before the jam starts that will be a penalty once the jam start whistle blows.