Monday, November 28, 2011

‎ Jammers may not transfer the star while in route to or while in the penalty box.

Once a Jammer has been signaled to the penalty box (considered "in the box" per she is in route to the box. At that point if the Jammer passes the star it is considered an illegal star pass, which may not be complete, per The question the becomes what exactly happens to the inactive Jammer and the Pivot in possession of the Jammer helmet cover? That is easily answered with a WFTDA Q&A.

The Q&A explains that the now inactive Jammer (inactive because they removed their helmet cover and gave it to the Pivot) goes to penalty box as an inactive Jammer, and the Pivot may not put the Jammer helmet cover on her head. If she does, a referee will tell her to remove it. If he does not do so then she will receive an Insubordination major penalty. Once the Jammer's penalty is over and she has returned to the track she may retrieve the helmet cover from the Pivot and replace it on her helmet becoming active again. If the Jammer was sent to the box after having made a legal pass to the Pivot but before the Pivot placed the helmet cover on her helmet, then the Pivot also has the choice to place the helmet cover on her helmet once the Jammer has returned to the track. If the jam ends with the inactive Jammer still in the penalty box, one of her teammates may bring her the Jammer helmet cover and she will be active in the next jam.