Tuesday, November 1, 2011

‎ All uniforms shall be in good repair and shall not cause a hazard to other skaters. All patches and numbers must be securely fastened to said uniform. Safety pins are not permitted.

Today's rule is a pretty simple one, yet a very good one to remember. The second part of it is very commonly known and pretty logical as well. Safety pins pose a threat of safety to others as they can open up on contact. Any skaters wearing a jersey with a temporary number (and name) patch on the back should attach it with a few temporary stitches. Tape, Velcro, and other similar methods are unreliable, while pins and staples are unsafe. In regards to the first part of this rule, while uniforms being in good repair is not typically an issue, making sure they don't pose a hazard threat may be. I have personally learned from experience that during safety equipment checks I look for items on a skater's uniform that may be cause a hazard. The most common I come across now are loose or loosely tied bandanas that skaters use as sweat rags. I make sure there are tied securely to a skater or their uniform as I have seen more than a couple fall on the track mid-jam. Belts may be an issue, if they have any attachments on them that could be harmful to others. For the most part I am ok with studded belts, but some border on being spiked, and I won't allow spiked anything in a bout. Other items that can be looked for but aren't as prevalent nowadays are various animal ears, devil horns, small stuffed animals, and other such items affixed to helmets. These should be checked for both integrity of adhesive, and also that they don't pose a safety threat even while attached to the helmet. While some skaters like to accessorize their uniform with various objects, safety is definitely the first priority.