Friday, November 4, 2011

‎ A player’s number must be of a readable font. A number is of readable font if it can be easily read and distinguished from the other players’ numbers by the officials, other players, and fans.

Today's rule is crucial to follow. Granted, I say that as a referee who has had to try and decipher many skater numbers off jerseys, but that's part of the rule. Referees must be able to read every skater's number clearly and quickly. Same goes for all officials, fans, announcers, the opposing team, etc. Thus, the readable font rule was added a couple versions ago. However, this rule also requires numbers to be distinguishable from other skaters. That means that the skater with number 6B should not be confused with number 68. Number A55 must clearly have two numerical digits. It must be recognized that letters and numbers may look alike and so care should be taken to select a font that does not cause a problem.

As with all uniform rules, a skater who has an improper uniform is not disqualified from playing the game, only her uniform is. But if a skater doesn't have a backup uniform that adheres to the rules, she will not be able to play in the game.