Wednesday, November 9, 2011

‎ A player may have small characters preceding or following her player number on her jersey e.g. 55 mph, where “mph” is considerably smaller than 55. These small characters are not considered part of the skater’s number and they may not inhibit the legibility of the player’s number whatsoever. The maximum size for the small characters is two (2) inches.

Today's rule is a favorite among skaters with "vanity" numbers. Those would be numbers that add to their derby name. An example would be a skater named "Highway to Helen" (if this is a real name, it is pure coincidence as I just made it up) whose number is "55mph". Obviously this not a legal number, thanks to, which was covered on Monday, as it has more than four characters. However, rather than abandon the number altogether, Helen may opt to make her number "55" officially, and on her jersey she can put "mph" after the number, so long as the letters are 2 inches or less in height. Extra letters, numbers, symbols, pictures, or anything else really, may be added to a skater's jersey so long as all of those items are:
- less than 2 inches in height.
- come only before and/or after the number, and not in between.
- are not included when officials refer to the skater number.

Those three above points are not debatable. All extra characters must be 2 inches or less, or else they will be considered part of the skater's number, which may make the number, and this the uniform, illegal. The extra characters may ONLY be placed before and/or after the skater's number. A skater may not use the number "20/20" because the slash is not before or after, but rather in the middle of the number. Finally, officials may not use the extra characters when referring to a skater with them on her jersey. A skater with "$1MIL" on her jersey will still be referred to as "1MIL", provided the "$" is less than 2 inches.