Friday, November 11, 2011

‎ A team’s jersey numbers must meet the definition of high contrast beyond a reasonable doubt or the Head Referee shall request that the team provide an alternative that meets the definition.

Having finished the rules that govern what a skater's number may be, today's rule explains that a skater's number on her jersey must be of high contrast to the jersey itself. The point of this rule is so the number is easily readable by referees. High contrast does not necessarily mean "opposite" colors. Black and white, considered to be opposites, contrast well, but so may a light and dark version of the same color. The idea is that a referee glancing quickly at a skater's jersey will have no trouble reading the number. As the rule states, and as is true for all rules concerning uniforms and skater numbers, if a color scheme does not provide high contrast beyond a reasonable doubt, then the Head Referee of the game may request an alternative to that color scheme. If alternative jersey are unavailable that team (or individual skaters) won't be allows to play in the game.

For teams that are planning to purchase new uniforms for all players, it is a good idea just to check with a few referees before doing so and get two or three opinions before spending any money.