Sunday, November 13, 2011

‎ A team’s jersey numbers are of high contrast if there is a large degree of visual difference between the color of the number and the base color of the jersey such that the number significantly stands out from the base color of the jersey.

Late rule post tonight! I'm on my way home from a derby tournament (sadly, not Champs) but I wanted to finish off skater number week so we can start a new set of rules tomorrow. So, today's rule is the last in the subset of skater numbers. Where Friday's rule required skater numbers on uniforms to be of high contrast beyond a reasonable doubt, this rule explains what that means. While talk of what contrast is and color values (and the related visual aids posted by Bryn in Friday's comment thread - check them out!) is important, what matter most is that the skater number stand out significantly from the base color of the uniform. Of course, that is definitely where color values come into play. Two colors may be completely different, but if their value is the same, they won't really stand out from each other. A color's value is basically how light or dark is it. Green is green. But green with a higher value is lighter, while green with a lower value is darker. A light green on a dark green will stick out better than a blue on green that have both the same color value. That is why the rules require high contrast, not just different colors.