Monday, November 21, 2011 Referees will:

This week will focus on some referee responsibilities. Now, as you can see, today's says "referees will". It does. It say "referees may" or "referees can choose to" or "if referees feel like it". The use of "will" means the following subrules are what referees will always do. No matter what. If you are an official and working with a referee who does do what this week's rules say that they will, a kind reminder that they "will" is a good idea. Now, if you're a skater and the referees are not doing what the rules say they will, and you happen to be penalized for it, again a kind reminder that these rules say "will" and not "may" will go a long way. I do emphasize, however, that reminders ought to be kind. Kindness goes farther.