Tuesday, November 22, 2011

‎ Whistle, hand signal and vocally call out all major penalties.

The first responsibility under " Referees will:". This is what referees must do when calling a major penalty. There will be a whistle, a hand signal, and a verbal cue. the whistle will be a single long whistle blast, per section 2.9 Whistles. The hand signal will follow those in the WFTDA Referee Hand Signals document. The verbal cue will follow the WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues document, and will be split in two parts. The first part is the order or the verbal cue, while the second is the type of penalty.

For a major penalty, following a single long whistle blast, a referee will announce the penalized skater's team color, then her skater number, the type of penalty she is being penalized for, followed by the word "major". All major penalties will be signaled with the word "major". Referees may not assume that a skater understood it was a major because of the whistle blast.

The type of penalty must also be included. The phrases to be used for the type of penalty are listed in the Officiating Verbal Cues document. Most penalty types are called out as they are listed in the rules, such as "Cutting the track" or "Multiple player block". Direction of Gameplay, Out Of Play and Illegal Procedure penalties all have multiple penalties listed in the document and are to be called specifically. "Failure to reform" penalties are not to be called as "Out of play". The reason referees are to use these specific verbal cues is to provide skaters with adequate information as to why they received a penalty. After all, referees are there for the skaters, and skaters need to know why they received a penalty.

So, to sum up, when a referee calls a major penalty it will sound like:

TWEEEET "Pink 360 destroying the pack major"

It will be accompanied by the Out of Play penalty hand signal followed by the major penalty hand signal.

Again, today's rule falls under the "Referees will" heading. This procedure is what must be followed. There is no excuse for sloppiness either. Referees should be practicing proper hand signals as well as clear and loud verbal cues, and clear and loud whistles. For those who wonder if they are performing the penalty call procedure signal correctly watch a bout with high level certified referees and compare their actions to yours.