Friday, November 25, 2011

‎ Exclusively use a skater’s team color and charter number for calling penalties on that skater.

The last subrule of the "Referees will" section, today's rule is one I've referenced during discussions about skater numbers. This is the rule that requires referees to refer to skaters by their number and not their name. This is because names are optional whereas numbers are required (3.7.3 and 3.7.4). So as mentioned before when a referee is signaling a penalty on a skater they must use her team color (the base color of her team's uniform) and her skater number. Going back to previous discussions, and to assuage any misunderstanding on this subject, if a skater has chosen a skater number that includes letter (allowed by the rules per then both the numerical and alphabetic characters must be used when calling that skater's number. That means that if a skater named "Hamburger Patty" chose the skater number "B33F" a referee must call her by the full number. The preferred method, albeit not standard, is to call each character out. So she would be called as "bee-three-three-eff". Calling her "beef" would be ignoring the 3's in the number. An acceptable call would be "bee-thirty three-eff" as that would calling the skater's number.

As well, to clear up other possible confusion, where this rule references charter number and section 3.7.4 discusses skater or player number, all of these are the same thing. A charter is a 20 skater roster submitted by WFTDA member leagues every quarter for sanctioned games. Thus, for WFTDA sanctioned games a skater's number must also match her team's charter. For non-WFTDA sanctioned games the number that a skater displays on the back of her jersey is her skater number, which is what also must appear on her arms/sleeves, on all tracking sheets, and is the number that today's rule requires referees to use.