Tuesday, December 13, 2011

‎ Lead Jammer status will be signaled immediately after it is earned. See Section for “Not Lead Jammer.”

This rule explains when a Jammer referee is to declare their Jammer as Lead. As stated, Lead Jammer status is signaled immediately after it is earned. If you are unsure how Lead Jammer status is earned please see 3.4.1 in the Rule of the Day archive.


Now, what this rule says is that Lead Jammer status is declared. A declaration of Lead Jammer only means that the Jammer who has been declared is Lead Jammer. It does not mean that that Jammer has completed her initial pass. That happens only after she has skated 20 feet from the pack. So it is important for those involved with Jammers, particularly Jammer referees and scorekeepers, to keep in mind that it is very possible for a Jammer to be declared Lead Jammer and yet still not finish her initial pass. The WFTDA StatsBook has a column on the score tracking sheets to track whether a Jammer was Lead and also if she never completed her initial pass. It is possible for both of those to be filled out. Again, being declared Lead Jammer does not mean that Jammer has completed her initial pass, only that she has become Lead Jammer.

As for not Lead Jammer, mentions that a Jammer is not to be signaled as not Lead Jammer only when she has skated 20 feet from the pack and has finished her initial pass. To those who question whether a referee must wait for their Jammer to skater 20 feet from the pack before signaling not Lead even when the other Jammer has been declared Lead already, my answer is: to follow the rules, they must wait.