Monday, December 5, 2011

‎ Scorekeepers: A game will have at least two scorekeepers. The scorekeepers record the points reported by the Jammer referees and keeps the official score.

In honor of my stint as an NSO at the World Cup this past weekend I have decided to make this NSO week.

For starters we have the scorekeepers. There must be two of them, one for each team. The reason to have two is to make sure the score is accurately recorded from each jam ref. While a single scorekeeper is possible, two scorekeepers promises better accuracy, which is important where the score is concerned.

The scorekeepers keep the official score. This means that if for some reason the scoreboard is showing something different than on the scorekeeper's score sheet, the score on the score sheet will be the actual score. It is important for scorekeepers and jam refs to work together as a team to make sure the score is reported and recorded accurately. It is typical, and all but standard, for jam refs to remain reporting to the same scorekeeper throughout a game. This means a scorekeeper will record the score for one team the first and the other team in the second half, as jam refs also typically switch teams at halftime. Keeping jam refs and scorekeepers together helps the jam ref as they know to look for the same scorekeeper the entire game for confirmation when they signals points every scoring pass.