Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Penalty Trackers: A game will have at least one penalty tracker. The penalty tracker records the penalties reported by referees and keeps track of the official penalty tally.

NSO week! Today's NSO is the penalty tracker. Although it is commonplace to use two penalty trackers, the rules allow for one penalty tracker to be used. This is most likely because penalty tracking can be done with the aid of the jam timer, a penalty wrangler, etc. Regardless, a single penalty tracker may be used. The penalty tracker's sheet is the official tally of penalties. This means that if the inside whiteboard is showing a number of penalties for a skater that is different than the penalty sheet, the penalty sheet will be taken as the correct number. The same goes with the penalty box manager sheet. If the penalty box has recorded a skater sitting seven turns in the box, but the penalty sheet has only recorded six, the skater has six turns and is not fouled out.